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  • Vidya Kumari

UT Market Food ventures

In the heart of the University Market, where academia and appetite converge with a promise to tantalize taste buds and ignite foodie fervor. Step into the flavorful realm of 1940's Cafe, The Librewry, The Bakers, and The Roll Express – each a distinct palette of flavors, a culinary canvas that paints a unique dining experience.

1. 1940's Cafe: Nostalgia on a Plate

Transport yourself to a bygone era at 1940's Cafe, where nostalgia intertwines with delectable bites. Amidst vintage decor, savor dishes that pay homage to the classics. From hearty breakfasts to soul-soothing coffees and teas, this cafe is a time capsule of flavors, inviting patrons to dine in the charm of yesteryears. The atmosphere of the cafe gives a retro -autumn like vibes, which makes it even more aesthetic to dine in.

Location -5126, Mohni Park, Opp Khalsa College, Opp. Khalsa College For Women, Guru Arjun Nagar, Putligarh, Amritsar, Punjab

2. The Librewry: Where Books Meet Brews

At The Librewry, literature and libations coexist in a harmonious blend. This unique cafe offers a space for book lovers and coffee aficionados alike. Dive into a novel with a steaming cup of coffee or engage in intellectual conversations over a latte – The Librewry is more than a cafe; it's a literary rendezvous. It's exceptional coffee called 24 Caret Gold Cappuccino is a top notch thing to try.

Location - SCF-68 First Floor, Kabir Park, Market, Amritsar, Punjab

3. The Bakers

Indulge in the artistry of baking at The Bakers, where every creation is a testament to precision and passion. From delicate pastries to hearty pizzas, this artisanal bakery elevates everyday fare to the extraordinary. It's a place where flavor meets finesse, and each bite is a celebration of culinary craftsmanship.

Location - Kabir park, Pizzeria Market

4. The Roll Express: Quick Bites, Big Flavors

For those on the go, The Roll Express is a culinary pitstop that promises quick bites without compromising on flavor. From tantalizing rolls to zesty wraps, this eatery is a parade of handheld delights. Fresh ingredients and bold flavors make The Roll Express a go-to spot for a swift and satisfying culinary escapade.

Location - Kabir Park Colony, Amritsar, Punjab 143002

In the bustling University Market, these four culinary gems redefine the campus dining experience. Whether you're sipping a coffee surrounded by literary treasures at The Librewry, indulging in a nostalgic meal at 1940's Cafe, savoring artisanal delights at The Bakers, or grabbing a quick, flavorful bite at The Roll Express, each venture adds a unique chapter to the gastronomic story of the University Market. So, take a break from academia, embark on a culinary adventure, and let your taste buds revel in the diverse symphony of flavors that this dynamic food hub has to offer.

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